New Digs for Dogs    A Canine Placement Agency
Murphy. NC
828-837-0521  or  828-644-9747  

Should you wish to donate to our organization you should know: ​ 
  1. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization..  We are funded only by donations..
     which are 100% tax deductible. As of December 2017 after 3 years we have helped over 190 dogs find their way with donated dollars!
​  2. We do not have a facility nor paid employees.  We are all volunteer.
   3. We take our work seriously and love what we do and we leave our egos behind..
      because it's all about the dogs!  
Now, if you still wish to contribute to dogs in need you may click the donation button or send a check to:
P O Box 76
                   Brasstown, NC 28902

Your donation is used for spay or neuter of our dogs, medical care, food, monthly flea heartworm prevention.....the love we give them is free!
A few words about volunteering to foster a
dog while he is looking for his new digs:
We love great fosters and we are lucky to have them!
If you'd like to join our group this is what you would need:
Visits to the vet as required 
A Nurturing Spirit:
Doing what's best for your foster. Taking him for walks, 
seeing he gets good nutrition and love.  Also, alerting us to any medical issues.
Keeping him safe and not letting him run at large! 
New Digs provides high quality food and any other equipment you may need.
Our dogs need to be taught house manners.
They may have been a  stray on the streets or someone's outside only dog,
or have just come from a shelter.  
It's our place to show them how to be a family "companion".  
Many of them might need to be house trained....usually that doesn't take long for adult dogs.
If you have a passion for dogs,  all the rest comes easy!